About Mac Mirrors

Who are we? Great question. We're a store focused on delivering quality and meaningful keepsakes - based on musical artists and their work. Home-grown, handmade products built and shipped with care. Based in Milwaukee. No dropshipping here.

First starting in the summer of 2021 (in a basement), we began with one product and one vision - the Mac Mirror. Mac Miller is our largest influence and certainly left a legacy within music and the world at large. We wanted to make the mirror from that album cover you know so well into a real, physical object. It caught on quickly.

From there, with the launch of the new macmirrors.com (that you're reading on right now), we designed and continue to design and introduce musically-inspired wall art.

Mac Miller is where we got our original idea, start, and name. While Mac Mirrors is not affiliated with Mac Miller or The Estate of Malcom McCormick, we owe so much of our musical and product inspiration to him.

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